Cats, Dogs and Their Humans
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Cats, Dogs and Their Humans

Pet Photographer

We are the premier pet photographer in Southern California. Our clients include some the largest pet product companies in the world.

We have been at the helm of many successful ad campaigns over the last 20 years. Our production capabilities will ensure a successful pet campaign that is second to none. As an example, we do our own casting for cats, dogs, as well as their humans, which is critical to the success of the photoshoot.

When photographing pets, the most important thing to remember is to keep the mood light and fun. Secondly, if people are involved as subjects they need to be cast as animal lovers. Animals can sense stress.  As a result they will not respond to commands, trainer directives or human counterparts. For example, if there is a set that is out of control and the trainers aren’t paying attention, the production will suffer.  

Make sure to capture your pet in their natural environment and be sure to get plenty of close-ups and detail shots. Otherwise you are just taking snapshots. In particulate make sure they aren’t being too disciplined.

To create beautiful photographs of your pets, it is important to have a good understanding of their anatomy and how to pose them. For example make sure you turn dark furred pets into the light, otherwise the details of their body will be hard to read. Be sure to use props and set the mood with lighting that will enhance their coat to create the perfect pet portrait. In particular close ups of facial features will surely get a reaction.

Above all, be sure to have a great attitude and enjoy your time with these creatures! Not only will you be rewarded with great photo results, but you will come away with great energy.