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Our Clients and Capabilities

Commercial Photographer     •     Real People + Actor Casting     •     Location Scouting     •     Wardrobe + Hair + Makeup     •     Prop Stylists     •     Producer + Crew     •     Set Teachers

Digital Tech On Location     •     Travel Logistics     •     Permits + Licenses     •     Specialty Catering     •     Full Digital Workflow

Client Disney
Client AT&T
Client Home Depot
Intex Corp
Client California Natural
Client Milk-Bone
Client Capital One
Client Petsmart
Client Procter & Gamble
Client Purina
Client Kaiser
Client Walmart


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Who We Are

Casey and Randy are a husband and wife lifestyle photography team who have been creating commercial shoots for over 15 years. We are dedicated to handling any size production you may need, including those that are in-house and have the resources here in Los Angeles and around the country to see your creative vision to completion.

Randy Schwartz

Randy Schwartz

Principal Photographer


Casey Coleman

Casey Coleman




We have years of experience with large production and multi-week photo shoots. We can provide resources and help in many areas, from a refreshed stock image library for a client to the development of a commercial advertising campaign. Give us a call, and let's discuss solutions.


    Los Angeles, CA

    2675 Skypark Drive #205, Torrance, CA 90505


    Contact Us

    Photographer – Randy Schwartz: 310.621.5705 randy@randyschwartzphoto.com
    Artist’s Rep and Producer – Casey Coleman: 424.254.9071 casey@randyschwartzphoto.com