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An Afternoon at the Arcade

Summertime in August…what could be more fun than skeeball and winning prizes with friends on Redondo Beach Pier.  Check it out and play the original Ms Pac Man game.


Camping for Purina

We were absolutely thrilled  to be given the opportunity by Ryan Partnership to produce a thirteen day photoshoot for Purina, specifically for Walmart and Sam’s Club stores. These are the jobs that we strive for in our industry, as they bring many more challenges than the average one to three day shoot. We used many locations in and around the Los Angeles area, including parks, lakes, apartments, and houses and cast nearly 65 models and actors in addition to over 50 cats and dogs. The best part of the experience was to be with such great crew day in and day out for nearly two weeks. The synchronicity that we achieved as a group to create a great library of images was most magical.

This shot was taken on location at Malibou State Park and felt like we were on vacation. All of the cast had a great time telling stories around the campfire!















Lying Down on the Job

[dropcaps style=’normal’ background_color=” border=”]W[/dropcaps]   hen it comes to capturing that shot, lying down on the job is sometimes just what is needed.