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How We Did It – Greenscreen Progressions

All of the images for the youth sports series were photographed on greenscreen, both inside and outside of our studio and were lit to dramatically enhance whatever skill the kids were performing. The inside of our studio gives us such a wide array of light options from dark to dramatically light and the outside bay gives the most amazing natural light that any photographer would drool over.

The elements for this shot were pieced together from several different football fields and the rain was created digitally. It was a bit of a happy accident that the helmet was wet as a result of our stylist spraying “sweat” on the models face. When she went to wipe it off, I asked her to leave it for a few shots as it inspired me to add rain later. Sometimes the most creative moments of a shot are not planned, but a result of the active process that creating an image entails. If you are creating this way, leaving yourself open to the possibilities that a collaboration of people active on a set can inspire, then magic happens. Very rarely are my shots 100% planned.

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Intense Youth Sports Imagery – Randy Schwartz

Youth athletes today have an intensity and perseverance  that often belies their age with skills to match.

In this ongoing collection of images, we set out to illustrate (as well as investigate) what kids feel like when they are in that moment of competitive fire while playing their favorite sport. We asked them when they felt the most passion and joy and what their most fantastic moment would be if it could be captured. Some were quite clearly able to communicate this while others communicated many facets of their game. But all were able to collaborate with Randy to create a some very compelling moments.

Youth Sports and Education

It is becoming more widely recognized that kids who are engaged in physical activity perform better in other aspects of their lives, including more success in school, both academically and socially. Those successes transcend to better attendance and the ability to cope with winning and losing. The facts are overwhelmingly in favor of schools that have physical education programs and when schools drop them we are doing a disservice to the future of those children that don’t have access, especially girls. I remember a very compelling ad for Nike by Wieden & Kennedy many years ago that has always stuck with me. My mother being Physical Education Professor and sister a 4 year collegiate scholarship athlete, I know this to be true. Growing up playing any sport that was accessible to me, I was always aware of the fact that sports made a big difference in how I learned to cope socially and how I perform in my profession.